CSI-SF: Estimating Wireless Channel State Using CSI Sampling & Fusion

TitleCSI-SF: Estimating Wireless Channel State Using CSI Sampling & Fusion
Publication TypeConference Posters
AuthorsCrepaldi, R., J. Lee, R. Etkin, S. - J. Lee, and R. Kravets
Year of Publication2011
AbstractOne of the key features of high speed WLAN such as 802.11n is the use of MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) antenna technology. The MIMO channel is described with fine granularity by Channel State Information (CSI) that can be utilized in various ways to maximize the network performance. Many complex parameters of a MIMO system require numerous samples to obtain CSI for all possible channel configurations. As a result, measuring the complete CSI space requires excessive sampling overhead and thus degrades the network performance. We propose CSI-SF (CSI with Sampling \& Fusion), a method for estimating CSI using a small number of frame transmissions and extrapolating data to settings that have not been sampled. For instance, we predict CSI of multiple stream settings using CSI obtained only from single stream packets. We evaluate the effectiveness of CSI-SF on various network scenarios using our 802.11n testbed and show that CSI-SF provides an accurate, complete knowledge of the MIMO channel with reduced overhead from traditional sampling. We also show that CSI-SF can be applied to network algorithms such as rate adaptation, antenna selection and association control to significantly improve their performance and efficiency.
Keywords802.11n, CSI-SF, MIMO
ConferenceThe 17th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking, Mobicom
Conference LocationLas Vegas
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