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Vardhan, V., D. G. Sachs, W. Yuan, A. F. Harris, S. V. Adve, D. L. Jones, R. Kravets, and K. Nahrstedt, "Integrating finegrain application adaptation with global adaption for saving energy", In Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Powe-Aware Real-Time Computing (PARC, 2005. Abstract  Download: PDF (97.05 KB)
Kravets, R., J. Srinivasan, R. Sasanaka, K. Nahrstedt, S. V. Adve, W. Yuan, D. G. Sachs, A. F. Harris, C. J. Huges, and D. L. Jones, "The Illinois GRACE Project: Global Resource Adaptation through CoopEration", Proceedings of the Workshop on Self-Healing, Adaptive, and self-MANaged Systems (SHAMAN), 06/2002. Abstract  Download: PDF (100.72 KB)
Yuan, W., K. Nahrstedt, S. V. Adve, D. L. Jones, and R. Kravets, "Design and evaluation of a cross-layer adaptation framework for mobile multimedia systems", Multimedia Computing and Networking 2003, vol. 5019, no. 1: SPIE, pp. 1-13, 2003. Abstract  Download: PDF (240.97 KB)